Ab me condita

Who is Emma Dobrescu?

I am a Front-End developer with over 7 years of experience in Web standards, UI development and usability. Working in large international companies and in startups, both in Europe and in the US, I specialize in developing website interfaces with an optimal user experience for desktop, mobile and interactive kiosk terminals.


The elite and the herd

Social media has become an inherent part of our life. It is a a means to stay informed and it is convenient. With a click you can find out what the whole world has been up to while you were asleep or otherwise occupied. At the same time, it’s a new order. The order of the web elite and its followers. The concept of followers is by no means a new one. In ancient Greece most public figures had followers. All religious dogmas speak of disciples. In Europe, Theodoric and Alexander the Great started a real royal court culture that extended further to local noble courts.[...]


How to contact me

Emma Dobrescu Front-end developer and UI specialist
Paris , Ille-de-France , France